Half a Geek Couple and Lovin’ It

While catching up on Twitter, I came across this post titled “Sex and the Single Geek Girl: Half a Geek Couple?”.  I was curious to see what a single geek girl had to say, and I had to laugh.  Her experiences with geek guys who respond to her profile happen all too often with geek guys.  There are geek guys who are pure geeks with no idea of the culture and life outside of geekdom, and it seems like she’s running into them.

I imagine if I were in the single boat, I’d feel a bit like her.  While I like having geeky conversations, I also like talking about things outside of geekdom.  I enjoy going on trips and hanging out with my friends – some who aren’t geeks.  I like exploring areas and trying new things.   I like being able to take a break from technology and just enjoy nature.  

However, thankfully, I am not single.  Today marks 6 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart, who also happens to be a geek.  There’s a lot I love about being married to a fellow geek, and these are just a few things:

1. When I get excited about a certain technology, I don’t have to feel guilty that my husband has no idea what the heck I’m talking about.  He at least has some idea of what it is that’s got me excited.

2. Tech gadgets as birthday presents, anniversary presents, random “I saw this and thought of you” presents… just awesome.  It really helps that we have that common bond.

3. When I’m frustrated about a certain technology, he can talk with me and help me see why some things aren’t completely evil.  However, if he doesn’t like it, he can also side with me and encourage my dislike of certain technologies as well.

4. I love having someone that I can cuddle up to while watching geeky shows.

However, while we’re both geeks, we also bring other things to the table.  I enjoy hearing about Kevin’s running adventures.  He humors me when I talk about shopping or seeing this thing on a cooking show.  We both also enjoy traveling and seeing what else is out there, so it’s nice to just disconnect, hop on his motorcycle, and see what we can find.

And we have our geek differences as well – he’s a Trekkie, and I am not.  He’ll read sci-fi stuff, while I still find sci-fi to be too “weird” for me.   He likes playing with hardware – building computers, soldering things, and the like; whereas I’d rather be writing programs and playing with data.  So while we’re both geeks, we’ve got those differences as well.

It’s been a 13 year adventure so far – 6 of those married – and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.  I’m half of a geek couple, and I’m still very much in love with my geek.

By sadukie

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