Credit card fraud SUX

As many of you know, I’ve had issues with these guys in the past.  I had a credit card that got flagged with fraudulent charges a lot – the problem though was that they were flagging normal everyday spending or monthly recurring charges as fraudulent.  That got me angry… something was seriously wrong with their fraud detection algorithm.

However, this morning, I received an email with fraudulent charges that really were fraudulent.  I marked it as suspicious and they put a hold on the account.  I called them, and they verified a couple other fraudulent charges.  They closed the account and are taking care of everything.  Quick and to the point, these guys were very easy to work with and it looks like their fraud detection algorithm finally found real fraud charges.

Having to update my credit card information everywhere hasn’t been too awful.  However, in the process of updating places, I realized that my own webhost did not have a way online for me to remove the credit card information.  For an online company to not have that, it looks bad.  Add to it that I’ve had some struggling thoughts throughout this past year with this particular setup, and it’s got me thinking…

Why do they use such a primitive system?

By sadukie

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