Switching blogging platforms…

My last post got me thinking…

Why am I using such a primitive blogging system?

As much as I like to blog, I don’t like having to troubleshoot my blog software if something goes wrong.  For the past few years, I’ve been using WordPress for my other blogs, and I’ve loved the stability of the PHP-based systems.  And yes, if the PHP systems break, I can still troubleshoot them, as I was playing with PHP back when classic ASP was the thing on the Microsoft web side.  I like that I can upgrade things in WordPress with a matter of a couple clicks, without having to upload modules or touch code.  I’m very lazy when it comes to using software packages that I haven’t written – if they make it brain-dead easy to maintain, that’s a plus in my book.  There were also features of WordPress that I really liked and that were easier to work with, so I knew it was a matter of time before I switched to my favorite blogging platform.

Add to it that I got a 404 when trying to export my BlogEngine.NET blog into BlogML and it showed why I wanted out.  This stuff should just work.

Now, as my major side project for the past 7 months is slowing down, I can spend more time on blogging, playing with code, and working with other side projects.  While I may not be hosted on a blog engine, I still have my .NET development environments set up at home that I can play with.  So don’t think the .NET topics will disappear – those posts will be coming as well.

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