Not only did I say goodbye to BlogEngine.NET, but I’ve also decided to cut my ties with DiscountASP.NET.  I don’t need .NET hosting for what I do and now nor do I need DiscountASP.NET, and here’s why:

  • I write blogs about what I do in technology, sometimes about .NET stuff.  When I do write about .NET stuff, I can include screenshots and videos of what I’m doing if I need you to see what I’m talking about.
  • I can also include my solution files or code files if I’m showing code.
  • Hosting files, screenshots, and videos are quite possible with a Linux host.
  • While there may be cheaper webhosts violating their Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) by charging ridiculously low prices, I’m also well aware of the nightmare known as Microsoft licensing and wouldn’t fall for those .NET hosts that are super cheap.
  • Linux hosting is much cheaper because there aren’t as many costs involved when it comes to licensing.  Microsoft licensing in general is confusing and can be very costly.  While I can justify the costs for some products, I can’t justify it for hosting.
  • Yes, I know that DiscountASP.NET can be pricey and that they don’t oversell their services.  I also am well aware of webhosts that will oversell their servers (much like how the airline industry oversells their flights).  While it’s a shady practice, it’s not something that isn’t known.  Subscribing with a webhost can be risky.
  • Yes, I also know how to read the fine print in webhosting contracts, and I don’t need a marketing / sales person to tell me that I should read those about webhosts being able to terminate sites that use a lot of bandwidth.  (Besides, if they pulled my logs, they’d see that my site doesn’t come close to their bigger sites.)
  • It seems bold to say that a host that uses third party automation software doesn’t know how their own backend works, but that’s what this marketing / sales guy at DiscountASP.NET told me.  Really, I would think that while they provide this service, they also may have people on staff who do know how the backends work.  They would be foolish otherwise.
  • While they’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, that really doesn’t attract me to a business.  I prefer a business that would not send a guilt trip / “the grass is not greener” email, one that would recognize the issues and realize that yes, there is competition there and sometimes the grass is greener.

Yes, I get what I pay for.  I run the risk that my webhost might oversell my server.  But I’m no longer on a server that costs an arm and a leg due to Microsoft licenses.  I’m on a server hosted by a company that I’ve been with for the past 5 years for all of my other sites.  Their support services, in addition to the existing documentation, has been great.  While others may have experienced issues with these guys, I’ve had nothing but good luck, which is why I keep my sites here and why I’ve moved here.

.NET hosting provided to be too much of a headache and too costly for me.  DiscountASP.NET’s marketing / sales guy also proved why they can be a headache.  Good riddance!

One thought on “Saying Goodbye to .NET Hosting…

  1. I must say I understand where you’re coming from. Well over a year ago I moved away from my .NET Web Host (name withheld) to a Linux based host where I also adopted WordPress for my blog engine. In reality for many of the same reasons you had stated and the show stopper for me was when I had a problem with one of the host provided .NET plugins that clearly was an issue on their end, but the problem went on for over thirty days before I finally had enough.

    I couldn’t be happier, in fact I don’t miss the high annual cost and I can honestly say I have never experience a single problem since moving to a Linux based provider. Welcome to the club!

  2. Not sure why most MVP’s don’t know they get free hosting from Orcsweb. I guess because most don’t go into the private newsgroups.

    That said I recently moved my blog back to WP and am now hosting my blog back on my own hosting company server. Orcsweb was really good though hosting my blog, very fast and I can’t say a single bad thing about them they were fantastic. But in the end I missed a Linux command prompt and being your own admin has its perks. 🙂

  3. My DiscountASP.NET story goes something like this… working for a client that needed MS AJAX (then Atlus), so I was using bin deployed beta dlls. The day of the demo was the day Atlus went RTW, and DiscountASP.NET GAC deployed app breaking changes to all servers and not so much as an email. When I asked support why they felt the need to deploy this untested DLL it was because “customers demand it” but when asked when they didn’t give a heads up it was “because we looked at the servers and saw only a handful would be affected” so it wasn’t worth sending an email about the update. I pointed they a) had the targeted list and b) if it was high demand it should have been worth sending.

    Anyway, I’ve given up on shared hosting and will splurge for my own VPS – I have multiple sites anyway and there always was a catch. Still in the .Net world at the moment, but I could save over 1/2 my hosting bill if I could switch… speaking of which:

    Slowly been moving to WordPress myself. Will make the switch back to Linux much easier.

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