WiT Wednesday #5 – Thanksgiving Post

With Thanksgiving in the US being tomorrow, I wanted to take some time to thank some of the women in tech that I deal with and who are active in my local and regional tech communities. These are some of the women that I have met and have learned from them or been inspired by them or their social presence.

Jennifer Marsman

She’s a super-accomplished developer evangelist for Microsoft here in the Heartland District. Whether it’s hosting a hackathon or writing an app like ELIZA or just getting involved in general, it’s great to see Jennifer’s excitement for tech and the amazing things she comes up with! She also has a family and juggles the roles of mother and wife, and she’s one of the ones I look up to as I embark on the journey of balancing that many roles.

Carey Payette

She’s a developer evangelist for Telerik and lives in the Heartland District as well. Whether she’s blogging, speaking, or even organizing events, she’s always on the go. And when she isn’t doing stuff in the tech community, she’s also a mother and wife, and like Jennifer, she’s one of the ones I look up to as well.

Pieri Levandofsky

I recently met Pieri through Working Women Connection, and I understand now why my fellow local chapter ladies thought of her when they first met me.  She has been running her own computer consulting company for awhile. Pieri is involved in a variety of local groups, and she’s always up for teaching people how to benefit from tech, how to approach tech, and how to make tech less scary. I’m working with her on her event on March 29, where we will be showing women how to use Office tools and tablets to increase their productivity. When Pieri isn’t doing community work, she’s not only a mom and a wife, but she’s also a grandmother!

These are just some of the inspirational women in the local and regional tech community. I look forward to being inspired by more. I am very thankful for these ladies, as they’ve been great influences on me.  Hope you all have a happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving!  (And for those who don’t celebrate, then have a happy and enjoyable Thursday!)

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