Some of my apprentices are going through a job application process that asks them to write a poem.  One asked me if I’ve ever attempted it.  While I know about that particular company’s application process, I have no interest in working there and have never attempted the poem.  However, since an apprentice asked if I would try it for the heck of it… here it goes:

Sadukie’s Tech Career in Rhyme

How I love being in tech
Even if the app has no spec
My path so far has been quite vast
Let’s take a look into my past

My co-ops were mostly programming
Definitely not poetry slamming
Learned Visual Basic, FoxPro, and SQL
Not all the languages are considered equal

After co-ops came some time in IT
Desktop support, inventory tracking, lab stuff – fun for me!
Realized I might be exposed to porn
Remained professional – held back laughter, opted for scorn

Soon enough, I had graduation
But no time for celebration
Hit the classifieds, looking for work
Found an ISP, learning on the job – what a perk!

Phone support was my game
But soon management would be my claim
Let my employees watch a parade
In the process, a strong team was made

ISP got bought out, so away I went
Manufacturing IT, 4 years spent
Database admin, PBX
Crystal Reports, not SSRS

Foolishly thought VB to VB.NET would be easy
Stumbled through but that OO VB made me queasy

Knew that this position would be a dead end
Answered the call of a dear friend

Next 4 years, spent full time coding
Merging my IT and dev skills. data loading
Doing SQL and setting up SSRS
Learning C# – Microsoft MVP in 2 years, yes!

Company grew from small to mid-sized
Saw this growth and realized
Losing family-run feelings, getting too corporate, too fast
I knew I wouldn’t last

Stunted growth and unkept promises
Exploding career – yes, this is
Time to go on my own
Consulting and learning, with an authoritative tone

Technology is what I love to do
Let my talents help you
From database to web, REST and AJAX
Give me your problems to solve so that you can relax

Cleveland Tech Consulting is where it’s at
Though rhyming poetry is not our primary hat
Coding, training, and consultation
Those are my motivation

By sadukie

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