As my apprentices are wrapping up this 12-week bootcamp, they’ve been interviewing and some are getting multiple job offers. The #1 question I get from those with multiple job offers is… How do you weigh the offers and make a decision?

What I do:

  • Write out the pros and cons of every offer.
  • Talk with my mentors about the companies and the offers to get their feedback.
  • Talk with my husband to make sure I make the right decision not just for me but also for us.

These are just some of the points that I look at and the questions I ask (not necessarily of the company but through my own research as well) when I look at offers side-by-side.  These are listed in no particular order.


What skills will I be using in this position?  Am I using the best of my skills to the best of my abilities?  Is there room for growth to hone my skills and pick up new skills?


What is my environment like?  Cubicle farm, open spaces, or something in between?  What’s team collaboration look like?  Who will be my teammates and what are their backgrounds?  Is the company involved in the community?


Is the company in a location that’s right for me?  Highway accessible?  Near places that I need access to (bank, post office, grocery store, food sources in general, parks, etc.)?  What’s the traffic like between home and this location during the hours I’m commuting?  How much time am I sinking into the commute and will it be worth it?


What benefits are offered?  Health insurance – types of coverage/costs? 401k? Profit sharing? Flex-time? Remote working?  Pair programming? Mentoring? Team building? Development/training or other opportunities to learn?

Company’s Mission and Goals

What does the company do?  Am I truly interested in what they do?  Is it creative enough of an outlet for me to stay interested?  If it’s a place where it isn’t creative enough but yet I believe in them, will I have time to do side projects to appease the creative side of me?  Is this a company that I can wake up and be happy going to?


What does this company pay for this position?  Is the pay rate comparable to similar positions industry-wide?  Are there contract stipulations tied to salary that I need to be extra-cautious of?  Are there signing bonuses that I need to be aware of?  Is there a certain salary range that I need to survive in the world and if so, does this offer fit in that range?

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