After years of dormancy and clearing the blog, I decided 2022 would be my year of data adventures. It would be the year that I pick up writing more on my new data blog – I would be able to consult on data projects and get back to my roots of software development and reporting with data. But alas… that’s not what’s happened.

I said, “Data!” The universe laughed and said, “Guess again!”

I said, “DevOps!” The universe thought I was funny and shrugged at me.

“At least, software development?” With some data, but not what I had initially intended.

“So, I’m going back to C#?!” Oh, no. The universe decided that it was time for me to get back to Java.

As I wrapped up one project and am going to be wrapping up this one soon, I’m going to be adding more posts here about some of my adventures in working in Java.

Rest assured, this isn’t turning into a purely Java blog. Once a polyglot, always a polyglot! I suspect all of my other languages that I work in will appear too – Python, PowerShell, JavaScript, C#, HTML + CSS, and more.

By sadukie

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