I thought 2022 was going to be my year of data. I figured I’d have fun playing in data libraries, living in Python and SQL, and explore other tools in the data realm. I even created a new blog to focus on data – Data-Adventurer.com. However, 2022 decided it had other things for me to do.


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This year, I ended up back in the developer realm, with some writing as well. The year started off with TWO Java projects. If you don’t know my relationship with Java, it’s complicated. I learned it in college and swore I wouldn’t go back to “those curly brace languages”. But my career laughed at me and knew I would have to revisit them. I’ve taught Java in a coding bootcamp. I’ve been put in situations where I have to work my developer magic on creating Java demos for workshops, documenting steps for others to learn from. Otherwise, Java and I have an agreement where I will work my magic with it when needed but otherwise I don’t actively seek it. However, it is welcome to seek me. I’m not working for enterprises that have Java apps that need written or maintained, so I don’t have to use it as a daily language. However, it is in my toolbox of languages.


As the year continued to go on, the projects ahead continued to force me to revisit some past languages. Yes, I’ve done Perl – but no, I don’t want to take on a Perl project. Perl holds a special place in my heart, as that’s how I learned regular expressions. Again, it is not a daily language, but it is in my toolbox. However, while I know there are modernization efforts to get away from it, I also know that I have a lot of other projects on my plate that require my time. So the Perl project didn’t end up on my plate.


One of my longtime client’s clients ran into a situation needing a PHP dev with a data background. PHP and I have an interesting relationship, as I co-authored an inventory system with my longtime supporter and partner in life. However, this time, my experience was with PHP and Oracle, not the PHP and MySQL combination I’m used to. I also had the privilege of working with PHP on Azure. Between Microsoft’s documentation, my PHP understanding, and my past experiences with Linux, I was able to make an awesome application and architect it in a way to keep the IT guy happy. Once again, I’m working with my husband on a PHP project – but thankfully, he’s not touching the code on this. (For those not familiar with us, he’s a network admin/hardware/3D printer kind of guy. He’s a technology directory. He can write code, but it isn’t pretty.) This was complicated because I was in an architect role and developer role. I had to figure out technologies as well as general network building. (Yeah, I can do that. It isn’t pretty. This is why I leave that to my husband for the exacts and optimizations.)

Polyglot’s Documentation Paradise

Another project had me stretching my legs with Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, and containers. All I can say is thank goodness I’m a polyglot who can change between languages as needed. I hadn’t seen Ruby in a long time, so it was good to be back. While on this project, I also had a conference planning meeting, and we were reminiscing about the early days. Someone mentioned Jim Weirich, and man I miss that guy. I remember one CodeMash when Joe and Jim were on break from their Ruby workshop and asking me why I never look at Ruby. So I went into their Ruby Koans workshop feeling way out of my league – first of all there was that Git stuff that I knew nothing about and was intimidated… but then koans?! It turned out to be a great workshop to learn another language for my toolbox. Anyhow, this project with all the languages and containers… oh, and Azure… yeah, I’m very happy that this project found me.


There is also another project where I get to work in an area that I thought would be well out of my league. Thankfully, there are no gatekeepers. It turns out that I fit this area well, and they really need the teaching and documenting that I enjoy doing. While I can’t say much, I’m glad I get to work with Python on that. So there’s yet another one of my languages in my toolbox.

So what’s next?

This year so far has been languages and Azure, and as sad as I was that it hasn’t been as much data-related as I had hoped, I am happy that it has taken me on the path it has. I will blog about the data stuff eventually. But the developer in me isn’t allowed to take a break yet, and I have embraced that.

There’s more developer work ahead. The project I can’t say a lot about will follow me a bit longer. PHP will follow me, as I have updates to make to that PHP + Oracle app. Azure will follow me, as at least one of my clients lives in Azure. But… as for the rest of the year, I don’t have my projects all charted out. They find me when they’re ready. Right now… my path is unwritten.

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