Currently, I have 2 appearances scheduled in February – Azure for Sure and Azure Cosmos DB Global User Group.

Azure for Sure

Azure for Sure is a series of 30-minute video streams hosted by Stephen SIMON as part of C# Corner. Season 1 topics included:

  • Getting Started with Azure
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Collaborative Apps
  • 3D modeling to AI on the Edge
  • Azure & Octopus
  • Serverless in Azure
  • GitHub Actions with Azure
  • Azure IoT
  • Appwrite with Azure

As we start Season 2 next week, I look forward to see what else Simon has in store. Looking on YouTube, the topics for Season 2 include:

  • Azure Governance
  • Data for All – Azure Cosmos DB
  • WebApps and Azure
  • Azure Conversational Language
  • Azure Cosmos DB for RDBMS Developers

If you want to learn more about upcoming topics for Azure for Sure, follow csharpcorner on Twitter or C# Corner on YouTube. I also see that Cloud Summit on YouTube also has Azure for Sure Season 2 episodes listed in their live streams, so check them out as well. Get notified for my presentation on YouTube.

Azure Cosmos DB Global User Group

The Azure Cosmos DB Global User Group is a virtual meetup for those interested in Azure Cosmos DB. This community has such a wide variety of members, much like their offering of APIs. I’m excited to be sharing my love of Azure Cosmos DB and Postgres on February 14. In the February presentation, I will be talking about Relational Data at Any Scale with Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.

Whether you’re just starting out with a Postgres application or have it running and want to scale, we will explore Azure Cosmos DB for Postgres and how to work with it at any scale.

Topics for this year

If you want me to speak at your event or company, I may be available to speak on the following topics:

  • CI/CD for web developers
  • CI/CD for data professionals
  • CI/CD buy-in for the non-technical stakeholders
  • Azure Cosmos DB – especially the NoSQL, Postgres, and Apache Gremlin APIs
  • Passwordless development in Azure
  • Using notebooks in:
    • Polyglot Notebooks in VS Code
    • Notebooks in Azure Data Studio
    • Notebooks in Azure Databricks

If you are interested in having me speak at your event or company, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Hope to see you at some of my engagements this year!

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