As I mention in my CodeMash master list of reviews, sometimes I end up in a session because that’s where I ended up. The first session of CodeMash, I had to check some things for staff before getting into a session, so that’s how I ended up in the session “Be an Ally for Mobile A11y” by Rachael Yomtoob. It was the last room I had to check, and once I saw the topic, I figured I’d check it out.

Accessibility Standards

In this session, Rachael covered many points from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with regards to mobile applications. Some topics included:

Tools for Accessibility

Throughout the talk, there were several tools that were mentioned that can help with accessibility checks for mobile applications. These included:


I’ve seen many accessibility talks over the years, and this one compares well with the others. Rachael delivered the content with an energy that made it easy to follow and provided an environment that made it easy to ask questions. I really appreciated that this session focused on accessibility in mobile apps. This session was a treasure trove of accessibility guidance for those who create mobile applications.

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