For the 2nd day of CodeMash conference sessions, I wanted to continue the adventures down the architecture path. I was excited to catch my friend Joe Guadagno presenting on architecture patterns! And boy did Joe have a lot of history and diagrams covering a ton of architecture in a short period of time!

Layered and Model/View/* Patterns

I’m going to call these patterns “oldies” because they’re patterns I used earlier in my career and still hear them mentioned today.

  • N-Tier Applications
  • Model/View/*
    • Model/View/Controller
    • Model/View/ViewModel
    • Model/View/Presenter

Event-Based Patterns

There were a couple patterns that Joe mentioned with regards to patterns that are seen with events. These included:

CQRS pattern drawn out - UI sends commands for write operations and queries for read operations.

Common Microservice Patterns

To steal a meme from my own talk:

Jan from the Brady Bunch is saying "Microservices! Microservices! Microservices!"

I feel like everywhere I go, people are like “Microservices?! Have you built your microservices yet?” And “We have to do microservices because our competitors are!” πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ However, if you’re going into the realm of microservices, these are a few patterns you should know about:


I eat, sleep, and breathe many of these patterns, as the stuff I do for work tends to involve these patterns. I was excited to hear someone else talk about patterns I’m familiar with as well as learn about other patterns that I may not have seen before. And for all that was covered… there’s only 15 slides?! Joe posted the abstract and its slides here. If you are in a spot where you need to understand what architectural patterns are out there, this is a good discussion!

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