The Lonely WiT Playing with PowerShell

While I’m a C# and ASP.NET dev by day, I am programming language and automation junkie. My current interests lie in PowerShell.  A friend of mine talked me into tech editing some PowerShell stuff of his, and that has since escalated into doing some writing.  As I write this technical PowerShell stuff and as I banter with the PowerShell MVPs on Twitter, for some reason, I feel odd.

While I can probably keep up with some of the PowerShell MVPs technically, there’s something I’ve noticed.  There are no female PowerShell MVPs.  This is truly one concentration that reminds me just how rare women in tech are, especially in the IT realm.

For me personally, PowerShell caught my eye when I saw its syntax and made sense of it quickly.  My bash skills from Unix and my command prompt skills from DOS have been very helpful from a command-line experience.  My .NET developer skills have come in handy looking at creating custom providers and cmdlets.  PowerShell is just a natural fit for me.  

I’ll continue to school my friend on some of these PowerShell things, especially when it comes to applying PowerShell to the real world.  But at the same time, I can’t help to wonder… are there other WiTs… other Women in IT?  Are there any other female scripting addicts out there?

By sadukie

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