The 9 Month Long Get-ChildItem Cmdlet

I’ve got to start off by apologizing for being so quiet here lately. I’ve been ramping down my community involvement, as I’ve had a new opportunity in my life that will be changing things.

Ramping Down

You may not be seeing me at user groups or other events as much as you used to.  This isn’t your imagination.  In January, my main focus was CodeMash.  In February, it was settling in for the last of my travels – speaking on PowerShell at the .NET group in Detroit and then checking out the Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group while in Columbus (for a conference my husband was attending).   Earlier this week, I sponsored the Ohio North SQL Server User Group.  It was a PowerShell-themed meeting, so I couldn’t resist sponsoring the group!  But now, I’m done with user groups and events until Stir Trek on May 4th.   Registration for Stir Trek opens on Pi Day at 1:59pm… so mark your calendars!

Why Ramping Down… and Going Forward

For almost 9 months now, as I’ve told my PowerShell friends, I’ve been running the Get-ChildItem cmdlet and am waiting for a result.  You could say that I’m working on spawning a child process.  Oh the euphemisms I could come up with using technical terms!  Long story short, my first child is due on April 4th, so I’m ramping down my community involvement so that I can focus on my little one’s arrival.

I’m hoping that once I adjust to my little one, I’ll blog more and continue my presence on Twitter.  I’ll also be working on Cleveland Tech Events, as there are a few more features I’d like to add to that site.  Of course, I’ll also be at Stir Trek, as I’m in charge of volunteers again this year.    Then there’s Cleveland GiveCamp, which both Kev and I are already committed to helping out.  As for other events, we’ll see as the time comes.  For the next few months, events will be on a case-by-case basis.  There’s a greater likelihood to find me at a Cleveland-based event that’s a couple hours long than at an out-of-town multi-day conference.

Stay Tuned!

I’m going to try to squeeze a few more blog posts in before Logan arrives. If you have a PowerShell or random question that you’re hoping to see answered here, drop me an email at sarah at this domain, and I’ll do what I can to include it here!

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